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7 Steps To Deliver Confident Presentations

1. Be a Know It All! When you feel familiar whether it be your material, the room or the audience you will naturally relax. We know this as fact. So the professional speaker must invest in getting the edge by… Finding out the outline of the day – we call this the running order but…

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3 Methods of Mastery by the Professional Speaker of all time

0500 hrs the alarm shrieks out. I leap up. I didn’t even struggle. I wasn’t even tired. I couldn’t get ready fast enough. Full of energy, excitement and determination – I catch the first early morning train from Sheffield to London. Writing my thoughts and questions for the day as the train, ”the Master Cutler”…

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E=MC is now the art of speaking Influence

You would be forgiven if you thought the above is a formula from a science text book! In fact what it means in the world of public speaking is that anyone who takes to the stage as a professional speaker or MC (master of ceremonies) must have E (Energy)! An obvious point you may think…

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