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Why the word ‘Audience’ should be banned

I was at a conference recently when the CEO referred to ‘the audience’ he had spoken to the previous year, he also referred to us again as; “you….the audience”. His words seemed to grate on me and I suspect on others too but instead of switching off I became really curious. Why had his words…

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Public Speaking Training, the right approach

You’ve been there right? A day out from the office on a training course sounds great. But you get there to find a guy jabbering at you all day long, Powerpoint slide after Powerpoint slide, seemingly aiming to bore you to tears before you finally get to do something different – interactive even.. fill in…

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How to Writing a Speech (Part 1) – Define The Purpose

The importance of goal-setting is often overlooked when preparing for any presentation. It is crucial that you begin with the end in mind. Ask yourself 3 questions: “What do I want to achieve from my speech?” “What do I want my audience to receive?” “What do I want my audience to do next?” The purpose…

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