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Master Your Pitch Using TV Advertising Methods

5 Proven Steps to Master Your Pitch from Advertising TV Your product or service is brilliant. You have raving customers and fans. BUT do you share that brilliance when you introduce your business at a networking event? For most it feels like creeping death!  You stand up, you introduce yourself.  Your knees wobble as does…

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7 Steps To Confident Communication, from Customer Service Skills to Job Interviews

You can communicate with confidence. We all have the tools at our disposal. It just takes a little bit more effort for some of us to use those tools. With the right know-how and training behind you though, you could be communicating like a pro in no time at all. The DNA of good customer…

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5 Reasons Why We Get Speech Anxiety

We have been analyzing the most popular reasons why people suffer from speech anxiety – here are our top 5. Self-consciousness in front of groups. If we are speaking one to one most people are at ease however when we add a group of people could even be to the same talk/subject- anxiety kicks in…

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Public Speaking Academy in Amman, Jordan

Jordanian history stretches back over the entire millennia, offering a rich and rewarding experience for any explorer. Whether it is seeing the ancient city of Petra or witnessing the miracles of the black sea – this is a country with a story tell. So at the invite of Silver Tongue Communication the Public Speaking Academy…

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Public Speaking Training, the right approach

You’ve been there right? A day out from the office on a training course sounds great. But you get there to find a guy jabbering at you all day long, Powerpoint slide after Powerpoint slide, seemingly aiming to bore you to tears before you finally get to do something different – interactive even.. fill in…

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‘Sheffield Star’ Double Page Feature

Following Martin Smith’s attendance at our full ‘1 Day Intensive Fear of Public Speaking’ course, we receive an excellent review… ‘It Works’. Here’s the full article for you to read online.

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