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When I first started working as a professional speaker – I worried a lot about many things but mostly about my knowledge, subject expertise and content. Like most people I feared not knowing ‘my stuff’ – appearing stupid or ill informed. In fact there was a genuine insecurity that someone in my audience would know…

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5 Reasons Why We Get Speech Anxiety

We have been analyzing the most popular reasons why people suffer from speech anxiety – here are our top 5. Self-consciousness in front of groups. If we are speaking one to one most people are at ease however when we add a group of people could even be to the same talk/subject- anxiety kicks in…

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Never compare yourself to others

We compare ourselves to others despite being told ‘compare yourself to yourself’, ‘just be you’ or ‘just be content’ …if only! As a trainer, coach and speaker – you may expect the fear of public speaking is something firmly in the past, after speaking in front of thousands over the years shouldn’t it just be…

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