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7 Steps To Deliver Confident Presentations

1. Be a Know It All! When you feel familiar whether it be your material, the room or the audience you will naturally relax. We know this as fact. So the professional speaker must invest in getting the edge by… Finding out the outline of the day – we call this the running order but…

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Why We Get Results Others Only Dream Of

Recently speaking to a very technical minded FTSE 100 CEO – I was asked point blank. “How can you prove your Academy works – please explain..” How the coaching methodology works… And ‘Why’ it works I am accustomed to explaining in stories, in case studies, in testimonials, through examples but telling an analyst ‘Why’ made me…

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When I first started working as a professional speaker – I worried a lot about many things but mostly about my knowledge, subject expertise and content. Like most people I feared not knowing ‘my stuff’ – appearing stupid or ill informed. In fact there was a genuine insecurity that someone in my audience would know…

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