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A Proven Presentation Template for your next talk

I was recently speaking at a business event in London alongside several ‘business experts’ all hoping to leverage Public Speaking to promote their business, position and build additional revenue. What happened next was revealing! The growth of the business speaker has continued to surge over the course of the last decade possibly more so in…

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Book Limited £15 Early Bird Seats Below & Join Our Exclusive Transformational Training on SAT 4th November 2017 CENTRAL BIRMINGHAM Rapidly Gain Professional Speaking Skills To Transform Your Confidence in Business, Work Presentations And Life Masterclass – Public Speaking Training Course “From where I started to where I got to at the end of the…

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How to ensure your speech has the winning edge?

Billal Jamil Director at Public Speaking Academy writes about his personal lessons after getting through two contests to reach a Division Area Speaking Contest final. I toyed with titling this article ‘Sour Grapes!’ as it is based on insights from losing at a speaking contest to some very witty, vibrant and polished speakers and speeches….

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