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Master Speaking to Camera

The pandemic has meant that all of us have had to learn to meet and speak across platforms like Zoom or Teams. Many of us facing the challenge of having to become Virtual Speakers overnight! Here we want to introduce 7 professional camera speaking tips that will help you increase Camera Presence and Authentic Communication…

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5 Reasons to Experience  Speaking Freedom in 2021

Persuade. During difficult times businesses and employees need to become more persuasive to help counter the trend of inaction. Our Presentation Model has been proven to help you influence your audience to see things differently through what you say and how you say it. Stand Out. In a busy market space (external or internal) your…

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A Proven Presentation Template for your next talk

I was recently speaking at a business event in London alongside several ‘business experts’ all hoping to leverage Public Speaking to promote their business, position and build additional revenue. What happened next was revealing! The growth of the business speaker has continued to surge over the course of the last decade possibly more so in…

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