World-Class 1-to-1 Executive Coaching

*Guaranteed transformation or your fees back

We are accustomed to delivering laser focussed attention. The same focus that prepares business clients ahead of interviews on TV shows such as BBC Question Time or Newsnight. And prepares many others for world class conferences or the TEDx Stage across the world.

1-2-1 Coaching attracts our most focussed delegates and therefore we will ensure you are allocated to one of our Senior team which mean we will guarantee a shift in your competence or your money back ! We really are that confident.

Sessions last for 1-3 hours and programmes range from 1 week to 6 months depending on your requirements. We can arrange visits to your workplace or at our Sheffield, Birmingham or Central London offices. We are also happy to train via Skype.

We Guarantee

  • Intensive development
  • Flexible approach
  • Defined results
  • Accelerated process
  • Measurable progress

What Our Executive Clients Said…

I flew in from Singapore to perfect my TED talk. Result: Over 17,000 views, World-Class Assaad Razzouk, CEO, Sindicatum
The most transformational learning ever attended! Brook Masters, Editor, Financial Times
Exceptional. You can feel that they knew the potential, and they brought out the potential… Fabulous. HRH Princess Noor Asem
Everything has shifted for me – it has helped me launch my career Debbie Moore, The High Achievers Coach
My confidence needed to move ahead of a promotion – I am now in a place where I am focussed on delivering- thanks PSA Sarah Sanders
Investing to develop myself has helped me achieve so much more and make impact in my field JoJo Bailey, Author & Coach

Our Most Popular Coaching Options

Key Note Speech / Script Writing

for Business Executives & Entrepreneurs

  • Build professionalism in your message
  • Proven Structures for your talk
  • Include power phrases & pro tools
  • Test your talk for Impact
  • Include speaker delivery notes
  • Leverage powerful opening & closing
  • Build a memorable message

1-to-1 Public Speaking Coaching

for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

  • Practice for Specific Presentations
  • Create your confidence kit
  • Handle any question with ease
  • Engage & Impact every audience
  • Speak with presence, charisma & impact
  • Master internal dialogue & anxiety
  • Accelerate your abilities fast

1-to-1 Online Speaker Coaching

for Entrepreneurs & New Managers

  • Address Speaking Challenges from Fear to Making Speaking Impact
  • Expert Analysis of your Speaking Potential and Learning Gaps
  • Discover professional specific tools that will address your specific challenges
  • Unique Speaker blueprint built and recommended for you
  • Convenient Sessions by Skype or Video Call

Pitching for Business

for Business Owners & Sales Professionals

  • Make every second count
  • Build deep rapport fast
  • Secure Commitment via our proven process
  • Build unconscious agreement
  • Gain confidence to inspire action
  • Prep methods of the professionals
  • Proven structures that create buying responses

Sales Presenting

for Entrepreneurs & Professionals

  • Techniques for perfect first impressions
  • Influence & inspire your audience
  • Use questions elegantly to increase demand
  • Master recommendation methods
  • Build objection handling into your stories & presentations
  • Use influence & inspiration to drive action
  • Close more deals

Media Training

for Senior Executives & Professionals

  • Each session designed to your requirement
  • Built for senior managers facing a “crisis”
  • Prep for TV & Radio studio appearances
  • TV interviews with role play
  • Using professional answering techniques
  • Getting good stories into the press

Professional Presenting

for New Leaders & Managers

  • Master communicating a vision
  • Articulate a winning strategy
  • Increase engagement, motivate & retain
  • Appraisal & mentorship communication
  • Managing change & inspiring the workforce
  • Meeting Mastery & Executive Presence

Conference Speaking

for Experts & Leaders

  • Methods for larger audiences
  • Leverage the stage, audience & venue
  • Close with impact & action
  • Specialist scripting – no notes or slide reading
  • Simplify complex material
  • Build inspirational edge to your talk
  • Perform at your best whenever required

We’ve Worked With…

Multinational Company Board Members Case Study

Coaching 2 New Board Members at a Multinational Tech Company in Leadership Communication.

The Problem

Julian had worked on the software tech department and had been promoted to a senior level.

At Senior level Julian was required to present regular board updates to internal and external meetings.

Part of the role involved explaining highly technical projects developed in India to colleagues in Europe and the USA.

Julian had limited previous presenting confidence and experience in this role, leading to significant anxiety and dread ahead of weekly and monthly management meetings.

Coaching Needs

Julian was highly effective in his job role both as a technical expert and manager. However we pinpoint that upward communication to seniors, peers and clients was a major barrier.

To remove this block Julian needed to learn how to present on the spot.

Find ways to think with ease when under pressure and present in a way that would help him feel at ease.


Over a 6 month period Julian undertook 1-1 executive coaching.

We helped develop communication and confidence habits he could practice daily with ease.

It also meant finding easy ways to communicate complex issues especially when presenting to difficult audiences at board level.

Julian was able to find greater connection with his peers in consequent board meetings leading to improved results, interventions and eventually reported marked improvements in project outcomes and sales.

The coaching, feedback, learnings and practices led to much improved personal confidence that impacted his personal and leadership confidence.

CEO Coaching Case Study

Coaching 2 CEOs from a Leading London Property Company in Leadership Communication.

The Problem

Julia has developed a thriving Property development company despite not having the deliver many presentations. However the growth of the company meant being able to get venture capital and investors through pitching at networking events. Neither Julia (CEO) or her business partner had previous experience in this space.

Coaching Needs

During the initial conversation we drilled down to main result Julia needed which was to get across the value to prospective investors that would remove the risk for them and ensure for Julia and her team that they had a a pipeline of clients.

The three main blocks were a compelling structure that could simplify their opportunity. For Julia and her team to feel confident on stage and for them all to really own the space in terms of delivery.

In a way that would allow them to deliver workshops with great ease. Most importantly generate revenue from this activity.


Over a 6 month period Julia and her team worked with our Director team to build communication competence, marketing and sales presentation content and structure

We worked with Director teams and staff teams and showed them step by step how they could do it.

This meant using Speaking Mindset methods to help overcome presenting fear whilst building easy to recall structures for seminars that would allow all staff to feel at ease.

The coaching, feedback, learnings and feedback meant that a lot of time was saved in the normal preparation for such presentations.

And the improved delivery methods meant the talks started to get more results, sign-ups eventually translating to higher levels of revenue for Julia and the company.

By learning new skills not only was their improvements in the client acquisition rates the greatest level of confidence improvement impacted performance of other staff who inspired by the strides made by the Julia as the CEO- creating a culture of growth and results.


Who is One to One Coaching For?

You are wanting to significantly improve your presenting confidence and impact in the least amount of time. You may have to speak at Conference, have a critical presentation, an important meeting, a promotion or a general requirement to do more speaking in your job or business.

You may simply want to significantly develop your personal confidence either way the one to one route is taken by the majority of our higher level professionals and highly focussed and driven business people.

What if my requirements are Urgent?

We are often the first port of call for those in urgent need of help! Most leaders and professionals are time poor. They do not have the years to learn and hone their speaking craft, confidence and competency to a professional level. This is where the One to One option is most relevant.

It is the ideal and unique solution to accelerate learning outcomes for those with focussed need, By providing tailored methods we help you build on your unique talents and address specific weaknesses with the most powerful tailored methods. Public Speaking Academy are specialists in one to one coaching making it the go to place for those aiming for the Speaking Stratosphere!

How Effective is One to One Coaching / Training?

Undertaking one to one coaching sessions with a master coach is akin to possibly 6-12 months of group coaching. Therefore it is a highly effective and intensive form of high-end learning for those very serious about getting presenting results fast.

Why is it so Effective Compared to a Group Course ?

Public Speaking One to One Coaching is primarily built for those needing to build unique high-impact speaking competence in the shortest possible time frame. Our proven signature methods and transformational principles ensure clients make significant shifts.

Your coach will alter your Presenting Impact through practical tools with opportunity for immediate practice,application, demonstration and habit creation. This signature coaching alone has earned us the reputation for being the world leaders in one to one accelerated learning with results to match.

Is One to One Coaching Appropriate for New Leaders?

Yes highly appropriate as it will help you thrive as a new leader and is possibly our most popular client profile. Presenting/Speaking Fear/ Speaking Impact Skills are a highly desirable skills amongst business leaders. It is a sought after and identity based leadership skill.

Why do New Leaders struggle with Presenting?

A new role often requires individuals to make greater impact, to present more often and do so with skill. However, for most there are extremely limited opportunities to practice but expect leaders to develop such skills unguided (Effectively jump in at the deep end!)

This in-fact is proven to compound the problem further, making people take a fear of presenting identity. An identity borne out of a negative stage experience and therefore experience a negative cycle often experiencing self-doubt before starting a new job role .

Is there a Guarantee with the Results from One to One Coaching?

Our intervention training is action centred. The one to one coaching and training has been borne out of painstaking and practical research. Real life testing with individuals from across our client portfolio with a 99.99% success record.

Repeatedly refining and testing our approaches have created an industry leading approach that we guarantee will get you better results than anywhere else on the market.

What Coaching / Learning Principles and Model are Used?

The lead director Billal Jamil is a Thought Leader in Communication and Influence, a Master Coach and Professional Speaker making him one of the world’s leading voices on High-Impact Communication.

The principles we use embed the psychology/mindset of confidence growth with proven methods of delivery from multiple disciplines (comedy through to theatre, political speaking to NLP) to produce genuine results in the shortest frame of time.

What is the reason the Coaching is so Effective?

The Coaching is delivered by Professional Speakers who understand the stage well. We use a balance of explanation, demonstration, exercises, practice and specific feedback.

Our signature delivery model uses some unique methods which include unconscious learning development and visualisation.

Essential skills are broken down into small components and the sub-skills can be developed faster in an easy step by step approach -creating significant shifts in small amounts of time

How Long Will We Work Together?

Coaching programmes are typically a fortnightly morning or afternoon meeting which takes place over a minimum of 3 months and can continue over a long term basis 5+ years .

However your Coach will recommend the most appropriate option depending on your requirements and budgets.

What are the Fees for the 1-1 Coaching?

Our fees are not the cheapest in the world however we cater for those who are serious about getting results using the best methods available.

We pride ourselves in being client centred and will conduct the majority of our client coaching face to face. Fee structures will vary depending on location and the coach you choose to work with.

Is there a One Off Session Available?

We do not really offer this option as significantly shifting competence in one session is highly impractical and constitutes a false promise

Depending on our diary capacity your Coach may offer a chemistry session (morning or afternoon to ascertain if you are a good fit for us and vice-versa. The fee for this is £995+VAT.

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