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Passionate about transformational training. We don’t just teach groundbreaking methods, we ensure you experience a permanent shift in your Public Speaking skills. Our methods are fun, creative and build on your existing and hidden strengths.

The Public Speaking Academy is the Home of World-class Training and bespoke Executive 1-1 Speaker Coaching. With a proven track record of results for clients wanting to overcome the Fear of Public Speaking.

Our Story

Imagine starting a new leadership post and being expected to be instantly confident in your group presentations. This assumption was the frustration and the common denominator that connected all our company founders on their own business and career journeys. The frustration of being given a leadership title with an assumptive expectation to speak “like a leader” in the absence of real transformational training.

Billal Jamil, Anthony Mercer, and Lee Furness, like many emerging leaders, encountered this daunting gap in their separate careers and business journeys. They were united by a deep realisation that most existing presentation training remains a box-ticking exercise that does not shift the Mindset, Speaking Skillset, and the required identity shift to build the skill to speak with impact and confidence.

United by a shared experience, Billal, Anthony, and Lee fused learnings from multiple disciplines to co-create a new methodology. This new methodology would rewrite the speaking approach and belief system of many leaders across the world.

A set of coaching methods that continue to help build and hone the speaking skills of 1000s of new leaders. Enabling the unlocking of career potential, communication, and personal confidence to present with impact and authentic connection.

At Public Speaking Academy we fuse Speaking Delivery Skills with Confident Mindset Transformation to enable your journey to Leadership impact. The Public Speaking Academy over its 15-year history continues to be driven by the desire to bridge the speaking confidence gap.

The “speaking valley of death” was the birthplace of the Public Speaking Academy Methods that are proven catalysts for change, propelling us to be amongst the world’s leading leadership and communication training companies.

Our Mission

We empower leaders on their journey to real confidence not just in public speaking but in every aspect of their mission. We are dedicated to helping you find your voice, craft compelling messages, and inspire others with authenticity.

Our coaching expertise aids rising leaders by improving presence, confidence, and impact through a  unique proven practical method. Through new practices, you start to build tangible speaking confidence habits with immediate impact while maintaining your leadership integrity and authenticity.

How We Can Help You

Our training fuses speaking methods with demonstration micro-coaching. Enabling you to navigate new speaking models for individual needs. As professional speakers, we test what specific speaking tools you need in your daily life, business meetings, workspaces, or the conference stage. You will benefit from our specialist experience without the associated challenges or time frames and costs. Which most importantly guarantees that you experience real public speaking transformation.

Positive, Supportive

All our Public Speaking Coaching, Training, and Courses are held in a positive and supportive atmosphere – creating a team bias for you to succeed. You learn from tutors and other delegates, and through the best methods, self-reflection, and intense results-based coaching.

Proven Results

All delegates always experience speaking transformation – See our 5-star Google reviews or post-program videos for a testament to this. Many organisations join our partner’s programme to return to us to repeat their in-house presentation skills training for their delegates to continue their speaking journey with new or existing team members.

We remain committed to continuing to be the very best provider of Public Speaking training in the world and in doing so by maintaining our 100% Speaker Transformation Guarantee. Earning us the reputation as the Home of World Class Speaking.

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