7 Compelling Reasons to Consider 1-1 Speaker Coaching instead of In-House Presentation Skills Training

You have just been tasked with finding a training course that will help improve the communication and presentation skills of your team. You type in to Google; Presentation Skills Courses or Training London and after ignoring the sponsored ads, you scan through a few of the bold promises on page 1! You pause. You feel overwhelmed. You feel confused. You rightfully ask how do I know what will suit my company’s needs.

How do you know that after getting on to a training programme it will help improve the presentation skills of your team members? And if you are honest with yourself you will conclude that you really don’t actually know what course or coaching to go for unless you have done it before.

All presentation training companies will promise something ‘unique’ and no doubt indispensable especially in today’s competitive landscape. However, the purpose of this article is not to prove to you that the Public Speaking Academy’s in-house courses are the best! The purpose is to advise you on how you can empower and educate yourself to find the most appropriate offering to fit your exact needs.

By reading and implementing the steps and advice in this article you will be a much savvier shopper and be able to make a more informed choice that helps you achieve the results you need for you and your company. By understanding the key issues you will significantly increase the chance of enrolling in an excellent presentation skills training course or executive speaking coaching programme that guarantee you results and have your colleagues thanking you for your recommendation!

What Should You Be Looking For?

Whilst the bold promises make great marketing, you need to have agility in the offering. In other words, a training course that will be bespoke and tailored to your unique team members and their specific aims. The reason for this is just like our bodies our speaking skills carry a unique DNA. Each person has a different style, strengths, and weaknesses. The best courses and those led by truly skilled course leader professionals will not only recognise this but actively encourage all participants to be honest and themselves.

Any in-house course should not be off the shelf for the reasons above, but also if a wrong technique is force-fed there is a likelihood it will backfire. Imagine someone terrified of public speaking and the clumsy tutor rattles off a voice projection method. The poor fear-induced delegate is being forced to sing at the top of her voice, humiliating herself in front of the entire team! Regardless of the good intent an unskilled speaking course facilitator could cause long-term damage if simply following an off-the-shelf course outline. Conversely by embracing the diversity we all have as communicators a skilled course leader may encourage less confident delegates to build their vocal projection with one colleague and then expand to two and then three.

The point being made is the real magic in any course achieving results will fall to three things, the motivation of the delegates, the methodology being followed, and the skill and agility of the tutor leading your course. Therefore if you are tasked with booking a programme make sure you speak to the course director who will be on the programme or in the room. If they are the right person to lead the programme they will fully understand your challenges and be able to demonstrate how they would be able to help.

Should you choose an Executive Speaker Coaching Programme or an In-House Presentation Skills Training Course?

As specialists in both executive speaker coaching and in-house presentation skills group training programmes, we have experienced the power of both approaches. Whether you’re looking to excel in your career, persuade an audience, or lead a team, the ability to communicate confidently and persuasively is a game-changer.

While in-house presentation skills training has its merits, 1-1 speaker coaching offers a tailored and impactful alternative. In this article, we explore seven compelling reasons why you should consider personalized 1-1 speaker coaching over traditional in-house training.

1. Customised Skill Development

1-1 speaker coaching offers a customized approach to skill development. Unlike most in-house training, which often follows a one-size-fits-all approach, personalized coaching allows you to focus on precisely the skills and competencies that matter most to you. Your coach tailors the training plan to align with your unique goals and needs, ensuring that you invest your time and effort where it counts.

2. Targeted Strengths and Weaknesses

Each individual possesses a distinct set of strengths and weaknesses in communication and presentation. In-house training may provide general tips but often overlooks individual areas for improvement. With 1-1 coaching, you have the opportunity to fine-tune your strengths and address your weaknesses with precision, leading to more impactful and effective presentations.

3. Real-Time Feedback and Application

One of the most powerful aspects of 1-1 speaker coaching is the ability to receive real-time feedback and practice your skills immediately. During coaching sessions, you can deliver presentations and receive immediate feedback, allowing you to make improvements on the spot. This iterative process accelerates skill development, a benefit not typically offered in in-house training.

4. Personalised Skill Emphasis

In-house presentation skills training often covers a broad spectrum of communication topics. However, these topics may not always align with your specific objectives. 1-1 coaching allows you to concentrate on developing the precise skills that matter most to you, whether it’s enhancing your storytelling, engaging your audience, or improving your message clarity.

5. Individualized Accountability and Motivation

Personalised coaching comes with a higher degree of accountability and motivation. Knowing that you have scheduled coaching sessions serves as a powerful incentive to practice and refine your skills. Your coach acts as both a mentor and motivator, providing support and encouragement throughout your journey to skill mastery.

6. Overcoming Anxiety and Nervousness

Public speaking anxiety is a common hurdle many individuals face. In-house training may offer strategies to manage anxiety, but they are typically presented to a group, which can be intimidating for some. 1-1 speaker coaching offers a safe and supportive environment to address anxiety issues effectively.

7. Evidence-Based Effectiveness

Research supports the effectiveness of personalised coaching. Studies in educational psychology, business communication, and coaching and mentoring have consistently shown that personalized feedback, tailored skill development, and real-time practice lead to better outcomes compared to generic, group-based training.

If however despite the benefits of 1-1 speaker coaching which stands out as a highly effective alternative to traditional in-house presentation skills training you have a brief to get a group course we suggest asking for a HYBRID presentation training and speaker coaching course.

Hybrid programmes offer the benefits from coaching such as customised skill development, targeted strengths and weaknesses improvement, real-time feedback, personalised skill emphasis, individualised accountability, and assistance in overcoming anxiety, and is backed by evidence-based effectiveness. Whilst benefitting from a group presentation skills space and achieving your unique goals, with the transformative power of group and 1-1 speaker coaching. Get in touch with us and speak to a Course Director to see how we can help you.

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