1 to 1 Executive Speech Coaching


Accelerated Coaching for or business owners, leaders, and managers seeking to elevate their communication skills. Transform your ability to confidently articulate your brand and key messages. Conquer nerves, build your communication Authority, and master the art of impromptu speaking. Speak without Notes, enhance your overall confidence, and command a stronger presence in every interaction.
  • Duration: 3 to 18 months, tailored to development requirements
  • Experience Level: Open to all levels, from beginners to advanced communicators.
  • Costs: from £3.5k.
  • Format: Online or in-person.
  • Location: Globally Accessible.

Exec Coaching Programme Structure and Outcomes

    1. Fundamentals of Executive Communication:
  • Get a full insight into your communication gaps and potential as a business leader. Understand what your speaking road map will require from a speaking foundations perspective. Master quick-wins to help your speaking journey make significant impact. Build a bespoke set of tools for effective communication for business leaders.
  • 2.Understanding Your Audience Expectations:

  • Adjust your speaking style and messaging to fit with your specific audiences. Learn to tailor your mindset, confidence and message delivery to resonate with diverse audiences, situations, team needs and various stakeholders. Achieve better impact, deeper connection and more executive presenting confidence.
  • 3. Build Your Compelling Messages and Narratives

  • Understand how to use messaging to ensure your message lands. Hone the skill of creating engaging stories, examples and themes that captivate and convey your message effectively. Ensuring you deepen impact and with it increase confidence.
  • 4.Mastering Non-Verbal Communication

  • Explore the nuances of body language, gestures, and facial expressions to enhance your impact. Understand how hand gestures and your posture directly create quick confidence wins whilst presenting.
  • 5.Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety – LONG TERM

  • Building a presenting and speaking mindset. Understand how to build a resilient executive mindset. Back this with practical techniques to conquer nerves and deliver with confidence in any setting for the long-run.
  • 6. Commanding Executive Presence:

  • Walk and Speak with gravitas, so others notice and remember what you say. Develop message congruence by saying what you mean and meaning what you say. Add a powerful and authoritative presence that captivates attention to executive speaking toolset.
  • 7. Agile and Impromptu Speaking Mastery

  • Learn to navigate the moment when you are lost for words or forget what you are about to say. Understand how to slow your pace to a level that encourages your brain to find words and sound confident. Equip yourself to think on your feet and respond effectively to unexpected situations.
  • 8. High Impact – Speech Delivery Techniques:

  • The exact strategies and methods to use when feeling nerves to land your talk with greater impact. Fine-tune your delivery style, pace, and tone for maximum influence. Understand the nuances of speaking power when balancing credible and compelling communication.
  • 9. Q&A and Handling Tough Questions:

  • Navigate challenging queries with grace and poise, turning potential pitfalls into opportunities. Use the specialist techniques to answer with ease even when not prepared or expecting a specific question.
  • 10. Building Confidence Without Notes:

  • Learn to speak with no notes. Understand the message structures that will allow you to capture you main point succinctly. Refine your ability to speak extemporaneously, projecting confidence without reliance on scripts.

All coaching also includes

  • A Personalised Feedback and Improvement Plan:Receive tailored guidance and actionable feedback for continuous improvement. Reflect on your progress, celebrate achievements, and solidify your newfound executive communication skills.

Practical Outcomes Guranteed

  • More Confidence – Develop unwavering confidence in expressing your ideas and representing your brand.
  • Enhanced Presence – Cultivate a commanding presence that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Authentic Leadership Communication: – Master the art of communicating with authenticity, fostering trust and connection.
  • Adaptability and Agility – Think on your feet and adapt seamlessly to various communication scenarios.

Elevate your executive communication skills and transform your professional presence with our comprehensive 1-1 coaching course. Choose the journey that suits your schedule and embark on a transformative experience today.


Contact us on the details below and one of our professional coaches will talk through your requirements and next steps.


Coaching a New Managing Director in Overcoming Self-Doubt and Enhancing Leadership Presence.

The Challenge

Russell Slack, a highly experienced professional with over 25 years of technical brilliance at OCF, stepped into the role of Managing Director. Despite his extensive technical competence, Russell faced the challenge of transitioning to a role that required not only technical prowess but also the ability to represent the company brand effectively in business interactions. The key obstacles were self-doubt and the need to cultivate leadership presence to represent OCF with credibility and gravitas.

Coaching Objectives

The coaching intervention aimed to address Russell’s self-doubt and enhance his leadership presence, ensuring that he could confidently present and represent OCF in various business contexts. The focus was on providing Russell with the tools and strategies to communicate with credibility, instill confidence in clients, and embody the values and ethos of OCF in a manner that exuded gravitas.


Over the course of the coaching engagement, which spanned a targeted timeframe, Russell underwent a transformative journey. The coaching process delved into techniques for overcoming self-doubt, building self-assurance, and refining communication skills to align with OCF’s brand identity.

Russell gained valuable insights into presenting with authenticity and authority, allowing him to represent OCF in a manner that resonated with clients and stakeholders. The coaching intervention not only equipped Russell with the tools to navigate business interactions with confidence but also enhanced his overall leadership presence.

As a result, Russell was able to successfully position OCF in the business landscape, securing opportunities and fostering credibility. His newfound leadership presence contributed to OCF’s positive perception, aligning with the company’s goals and values. The coaching journey facilitated Russell’s evolution into a confident and impactful leader, ensuring that his representation of OCF was not only technically brilliant but also carried the gravitas required for success in the business arena.

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