5 Reasons Why We Get Speech Anxiety

We have been analyzing the most popular reasons why people suffer from speech anxiety – here are our top 5.

  1. Self-consciousness in front of groups. If we are speaking one to one most people are at ease however when we add a group of people could even be to the same talk/subject- anxiety kicks in leading to the plethora of anxiety symptoms. The most prominent being the intense self consciousness we feel when in front of a group of others.
  2. Fear of appearing anxious. Ironically the fear of the fear is almost as popular, the fear is based on our symptoms ‘giving us away’ it may be that we hesitate, trip on a word or go blush all alluding to the fact that we are fearful. This leads to a downward fear/embarrassment cycle for both speaker and event the audience.
  3. Being judged. When so many eyes stare up at you – it feels alien for most of us. The speaker feels more visible, in the spot light and cannot get the instant reassurance or positive feedback that we are used to in conversation as the formal audience will often simply not feel entitled to react. This leads to the inner conversation with the speaker making assumptions about what their audience thinks of them – often heightening anxiety.
  4. Poor Preparation. Presentation is formal communication which requires preparation just as you may prepare for interviews what most people will prepare is content and fail to prepare HOW they seek to deliver. This oversight naturally leads to errors and a fall in confidence.
  5. Comparison – How many times do we hear – ‘I can’t follow that’ –after a speaker is following someone they believe has done a good job! The right answer is that you shouldn’t have to. Amateur speakers often self combust before they have even begun as they are too preoccupied measuring themselves to others which leads to negative energy and self image. Doing this on stage is distracting at best.

So above are the top 5 reasons why so many people suffer from speech anxiety. However the good news is that with the right level of motivation, technique and support you can not only overcome the anxiety, but actually change that nervous energy to a positive and thrive on stage.

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