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Why We Get Results Others Only Dream Of

Recently speaking to a very technical minded FTSE 100 CEO – I was asked point blank. “How can you prove your Academy works – please explain..” How the coaching methodology works… And ‘Why’ it works I am accustomed to explaining in stories, in case studies, in testimonials, through examples but telling an analyst ‘Why’ made me…

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When I first started working as a professional speaker – I worried a lot about many things but mostly about my knowledge, subject expertise and content. Like most people I feared not knowing ‘my stuff’ – appearing stupid or ill informed. In fact there was a genuine insecurity that someone in my audience would know…

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7 Steps To Confident Communication, from Customer Service Skills to Job Interviews

You can communicate with confidence. We all have the tools at our disposal. It just takes a little bit more effort for some of us to use those tools. With the right know-how and training behind you though, you could be communicating like a pro in no time at all. The DNA of good customer…

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