TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series

Who should attend Public Speaking Academy’s TEDx Speaker Bootcamp?

  1. People who are willing to do what it takes, rearrange diaries at short notice, invest the resources to make it happen.
  2. People who have a genuine idea that is different from anything out there
  3. Those who wish to not just position themselves as experts but benefit others through their messages
  4. People with a unique perspective will add great value to others
  5. If you’re serious about giving a TEDx talk, this bootcamp will be for you.
  6. If you understand the importance of using the clear, concise TED-style when you speak, this bootcamp is for you.
  7. If you want to be TEDx Ready or you want to fast track your way on to the TEDx stage
  8. If you want to work with the best in the business, this bootcamp will be for you.

What is the TEDx Speaker Bootcamp?

It consists of 2 Full Days of Face to Face instruction


Three optional evenings feedback and direct interaction with Lee Furness and Billal Jamil to get you ready to walk onto the TEDx red circle and rock your talk!

Where is it being held?

It will be held virtually on FB live

And Face to Face in Sheffield 27& 28th April 2019

The First TEDx Stage we have secured is on 6th May

What is the TEDx Stage Guarantee

We will guarantee all attendees who complete the training with us are TEDx ready and also provide certification from us to share for future opportunities

We have a Guaranteed speaking slot option for those who enrol on our one to one training

What is covered in TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series?

  1. Clarify the story and information you want to share
  2. Pinpoint your audience (who cares and why?)
  3. Create and get feedback on your TEDx Talk outline
  4. Design and flesh out your TEDx Talk
  5. Develop transitions within your TEDx Talk
  6. Narrow your TEDx Talk to fit into your time window
  7. Decide whether to use slides or not
  8. Get feedback on your TEDx Talk slide deck
  9. Understand timing of slides
  10. Learn to create audience connection
  11. Improve your TEDx Talk delivery and stage presence
  12. Learn cadence and voice control
  13. Practice, feedback, practice, feedback…. Repeat
  14. And so much more!

The TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series is a combination of attendees working together on their talks, feedback on your talk from expert speaking leaders and other attendees and practice, practice, practice.

Videotape your talk, share it in the private (no one outside the group can see it) TEDx Bootcamp Facebook page to get feedback.

Use the group to ask questions of other Bootcamp participants.

Why should I attend TEDx Speaker Bootcamp Series?

You want to create your TEDx talk. You want to hone your speaking skills. You want to overcome your fear of public speaking. You want to give a great talk. Doc Robyn is the only trained performance psychologist who has given a successful TEDx talk, coached multiple people who have given successful TEDx talks and she is offering a no-nonsense, focused series to get you to your goal.

  1. Real credentials
  2. Real insight
  3. Real skills
  4. Real results
  5. No rah-rah …What’s not to love?

“I flew in from Singapore to perfect my TED talk. Result: Over 17,000 views, World-Class”
– Assaad Razzouk, CEO Sindicatum, Singapore

Financial Commitment

Normal Fees for a weekend £1995+VAT and 12 months 1-1 Coaching is £30k

Limited and Early bird Options

from £895 to £7995 +VAT – payment plans may be available

How do I signup?

Email enquiry@publispeakingacademy.co.uk or call 0114 221 0514 to book in a discovery call and to make your dream of being a TEDx speaker a reality! We can answer any questions around doing a TEDx talk and how to discover, design and deliver your idea worth spreading.

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