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‘The Morning Game’- Billal Jamil



In this article we cover

  • How we can prepare our Mind to Be Confident, Positive and Successful
  • How to overcome the greatest barrier to building momentum
  • Why your morning routine presents a huge opportunity for consistency
  • And why the Mindset is an essential precursor to Confidence, Success and any Presentation

Who Practices the ‘Morning Game’

Many successful leaders and speakers place great focus on their morning routines to continually grow their levels of success, happiness and confidence. Many individuals we interviewed cited daily rituals that would; ‘set you up’, ‘get you going’ for the day. These ranged from singing in the shower to prayer, exercise to morning sex! Either way practicing an act to energise and enthuse…every single day!

What is the ‘Morning Game’?

Effective morning routines involve small wins that make a difference in how we feel immediately and therefore how we can perform for the rest of the day.

By including just a few minutes of mindset affirmation coupled with physiological actions (e.g. Morning Exercise) you can make significant and immediate positive impact on your mindset positively affecting the remainder of your day.

My Own Experience

For me personally this involves being able to spend just 2 minutes every morning listing 30 points of gratitude in the first 2 minutes of waking up (whilst still in bed). Followed by immediately making my bed and opening my curtains with hope and aspiration.  The relevance of micro-actions – is mini achievement. Such acts are unconsciously signalling that I am on top, in a winning state and setting me up to continue in that state.

This is followed by the maximum number of press ups with a self- belief affirmation with each breath. Followed by a cold shower and smiling whilst I brush my teeth!! ( A few more secret methods I share on the Facebook Live video)

Doing the above are basic actions when done consistently boost inner-esteem, confidence, and positivity. And it is this state that has a positive knock-on effect on the progress of other goals.

Why this stuff has the Power to Work

In this article I am not purporting a magic pill but a longer-term approach. Furthermore; why affirmations, physiology or positive thought are the nutrients for your mind -out of scope here (for another day!)

However, for this purpose I want you to assume that this stuff works over the longer term – think nutrition/exercise for your mind. The most important point to master is that your morning is a game of habit. Automated unconscious thought and action that you perform daily. Whether it is bathroom routines or getting out of bed “tired” or ‘energised’ –(if you’re ahead of the game.)

However, imagine if you can nudge your energy levels up, alter your mood even by 1% and change your physiology by 1%. What is amazing is the law of compounding and consistency means that done every day this becomes an extremely powerful method to build positive momentum no matter what!

Consistency is King

I often say in my own keynotes that to grow practice “Consistency as the precursor to Progress”. The mind like the body requires consistent effort and attention to grow and as students of positivity, confidence, success and speaking we must build consistency into our routines.

Furthermore, the power of progress is fundamental to human nature and a daily boost to personal motivation. The most popular excuse for not feeding your mind and preparing your positivity is not having enough ‘time’.

So, in here we have it, a real solution. By building a routine on a routine, a habit on a habit – we make it almost impossible to fail this practice even in tough times. The very fact that you HAVE TO brush your teeth (I hope!) you can very easily build another new habit that you are likely to stick with for example. The fact that you are reading up to here tells me that you are ready to take action!

How will this can impact you as a student of personal success, confidence or aspiring speaker?

“Stack the Odds in your Favour” One of my favourite Academy laws is to stack the odds in your favour, which is about creating conditioning for success.

For Presenters and Speakers this may mean that on a great day we bounce in to a room and people greet us with smiles and energy. From the security to the events team, from the MC to the audience – the vibe makes us feel great! A momentum that acts as a catalyst for a great energetic talk!

But taking a step back – we must realise it is our own actions that directly support the positivity we receive. It is more that than likely that our own smile, eye contact, confidence and enthusiasm which heightens your natural charisma and magnetism induces the response from others. That our behaviours, actions and thoughts pre-talk create the conditions for positivity.

I am using the presenting example, but this is relevant to all areas of life. What I am suggesting is that we in many ways creators of our own ‘luck and destiny’

What I would like to assert is that confidence, success, positivity and your own attitude requires work, daily work that gains its own momentum and nourishes positive emotions. Therefore, what are you waiting for – get that morning routine going – it will add exactly 120 seconds but has the potential to change your presenting, success and life.

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