You Can…

Deliver Your Most Powerful Presentation Ever

In Front of a Live Audience, Having Overcome Your Fear.

Most people struggle due to fear and play small, in careers, in business, in life.
The life you want is on the other side of fear.

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“The most transformational learning ever attended!
– Brook Masters, Editor

You are:

  • an entrepreneur
  • a coach
  • a professional
  • a speaker
  • or a trainer

…and you are amazing at what you do. You need more customers and more revenue… We can help.

Being recognised as the authority in your field is the fast track to consistent income and business growth. And the fast track to authority, expert status and consistent income is public speaking.

What Is Stopping You?

  1. Have you seen others getting more success and more recognition, but are not as experienced or as effective as you?
  2. Do you feel the world needs your message, enthusiasm and contribution?
  3. Are you a business owner who is finding it difficult to increase your profits, without spending more time at work?
  4. Would you like to join other entrepreneurs and professionals making huge impact, good money and benefiting from the new era?

‘if Warren Buffett had not overcome his stage fright, he may never have become a Billionaire. Buffett would later tell a class of business students that effective public-speaking raises a person’s value by 50% instantly.’ – Carmine Gallow, Inc.

Discover The Most Clear And Practical Step-By-Step Approach To Authentic Public Speaking By The Worlds Number 1 Speaker Coaching Company

Your ability to connect with your audience – in business, or professionally – will determine your success. The new economy is based on inspiring action in your clients, employees and colleagues. This is your fast track to reaching your true potential and making impact.

At the end of the programme you will be able to create and deliver a world class talk, whether you want to get investment, clients or change the world. You will now be able to amplify your message professionally.

“Exceptional. You can feel that they knew the potential, and they brought out the potential… Fabulous.
– HRH Princess Noor Asem

You Will Learn:

  1. The secret to overcoming all fears, before and during your presentation.
  2. Tools to stop your inner voice from taking over.
  3. Structures to craft and tell a TEDx quality story.
  4. To identify ideas that inspire action and give purpose to your talk.
  5. To generate business opportunities and position yourself as the expert.
  6. How to be relaxed and in control every time you deliver a talk, meeting, interview or sales pitch.
  7. Our proven memory method that guarantees you deliver without notes.
  8. How to take your message global and get recognised by the media.

This practical and transformational course gives you more than confidence. Ultimately you will break through negative thinking, to create more opportunities – more money – more time – more happiness.

1000s of people just like you have followed our Proven Formula, and get amazing results.

Here are just a few:

“I flew in from Singapore to perfect my TED talk. Result: Over 17,000 views, World-Class”
– Assaad Razzouk, CEO Sindicatum, Singapore

When You Join Us You Will Receive

  1. Exclusive attendance to our market leading face to face programme
  2. Direct 1 to 1 access to world class speakers and coaches
  3. Join a thriving business and personal development community

“From where I started to where I got to at the end of the day were just two different places! I didn’t want the day to end” – Franco Sharp

You Are One Talk Away From Living The Life You Deserve

Option 1: Take The Full Programme, And Transform Your Life

12 Month Access
BONUS: 6 Steps To Breaking Through Your Fear
£297 Value
BONUS: How To Land Your TEDx Talk
£297 Value
BONUS: Get Paid To Speak Blueprint
£297 Value

Option 2: Gain a Dramatic Shift And The Opportunity To Join Our Transformation Programme

This programme is divided in to 2 parts, you can book part 1 (Taster Sessions from 9:30am – 12pm) for £79 £19, with the opportunity to upgrade to the transformation all-day workshop on the day.

Due to this being a face to face programme places are extremely limited.
Reserve your seat now by clicking your course date.

6th April 2019, London
20th April 2019, Birmingham
4th May 2019, Birmingham
11th May 2019, Sheffield
8th June 2019, Sheffield

CEO of Public Speaking Academy


  • What do you do on the day?
    The workshop consists of practical methods that are demonstrated, and exercises that will help you replace old presentation habits and beliefs.
  • Will I be asked to speak?
    We will work with you in the ‘stretch-zone’ which means if you wish to speak you definitely get that opportunity. 75% of attendees volunteer to present, we welcome all abilities and tailor the course to suit.
  • How many people are in the audience?
    This can vary according to location and time of year. Most courses have between 12 and 25 delegates.
  • I have no experience of speaking, should I attend?
    YES! We have worked with thousands of people just like you, and are experienced in helping terrified individuals feel comfortable and welcome.
  • I am relatively experienced already, is this for me?
    Your tutors are internationally acclaimed speakers who train some of the worlds most significant leaders and professionals. We guarantee we will help you make even greater impact. If you have specific requirements, bespoke 1to1 options are available on request.
  • I have a specific presentation, can I work on it?
    YES! We will help refine your presentation throughout the day.
  • How can this day help me?
    We will show you how to stretch yourself, make your communication even more compelling, and show you methods to spark inspiration in yourself and others. You will build your confidence, overcome fears and limiting beliefs, and consequently learn to be more memorable. You will become more influential, more confident and more impactful. This results in greater sales, business growth and career development.
  • Will this course remove my fear of public speaking?
    YES! This course is highly practical, which means you implement our strategies immediately. We are the UKs leading provider in the field of public speaking, and have the results that prove it.
  • Isn’t the ability to speak up only for those with the gift of the gab?
    NO! Like leadership, speaking is a skill that can be refined through the right coaching, in the right environment. We have found introverts often become the most impactful speakers.
  • Will this help me get promoted?
    Our 1to1 coaching is highly sought after by board level executives and those entering leadership positions. Being able to communicate effectively is the foundation of a successful career.
  • How will this help me get more clients?
    Working 1to1 will limit your income potential. Therefore your ability to generate mass interest is dependent on connecting with and serving larger groups. The new era of social media requires business owners to be exception communicates on screen, online and offline.
  • I cannot make these dates, do you have other options?
    Please click this button to express interest in an alternative date.
  • Will 1to1 Coaching be more effective?
    Our 1to1 executive offering provides tailored coaching that guarantees you will accelerate your learning and speaking competence in the shortest time frame. We are the preferred providers to bespoke coaching for FTE100 leaders, politicians and sports celebrities.
  • How much will 1to1 Coaching cost?
    All programmes are tailor built and delivered over 3-18 months. And range between £3.5k – £20k depending on requirements.

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