1 to 1 Coaching Course Overview – Fear of Public Speaking Coaching for Executives and Leaders


Building Confidence in Executive Communication. Tailored coaching for business owners, leaders, and managers dealing with Public Speaking Anxiety, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and a desire to elevate communication confidence. Transform your executive communication by building habits that dissolve anxiety, overcome self-doubt, and conquer imposter syndrome. Learn to master the mindset that directly impacts communication, fostering authentic, confident leadership.
  • Duration: Customised programs ranging from 3 to 18 months based on individual development needs.
  • Experience Level: Open to all levels, from beginners to advanced communicators.
  • Costs: Starting from £3.5k.
  • Format: Available online or in-person.
  • Location: Accessible globally.

Executive Coaching Program: Confidence Mastery

    1. Mindset Mastery for Confidence:
  • Identify and reframe limiting beliefs.
  • Develop a mindset that breeds confidence and dismantles imposter syndrome.
  • 2. Navigating Anxiety and Self-Doubt:

  • Practical techniques to navigate anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Establish habits for building confidence in high-pressure communication scenarios.
  • 3. Imposter Syndrome Unveiled:

  • Understand the roots of imposter syndrome.
  • Develop strategies to overcome and thrive despite imposter syndrome tendencies.
  • 4. Building Confidence Habits:

  • Cultivate daily habits that reinforce confidence.
  • Establish a routine to strengthen your executive communication mindset.
  • 5. Non-Verbal Communication and Confidence:

  • Leverage non-verbal cues to enhance confidence.
  • Develop a powerful physical presence that reflects your newfound mindset.
  • 6. Authentic Leadership Communication:

  • Embrace authenticity as the cornerstone of leadership communication.
  • Cultivate a communication style that builds trust and genuine connection.
  • 7. Agile and Impromptu Speaking Resilience:

  • Navigate unexpected situations with poise.
  • Build the resilience to think on your feet, even in challenging communication scenarios.
  • 8. High Impact – Confidence-Infused Delivery Techniques:

  • Strategies to land talks with a confidence-infused impact.
  • Fine-tune delivery style, pace, and tone for maximum influence, rooted in confidence.
  • 9. Q&A Mastery and Confidence:

  • Handle tough questions with confidence.
  • Utilise specialized techniques to answer with ease and assertiveness.
  • 10. Building Confidence Without Notes:

  • Speak with confidence without relying on notes.
  • Refine the ability to speak extemporaneously, projecting unwavering confidence.

All coaching also includes

  • Personalised Feedback and Improvement Plan.
  • Continuous guidance and actionable feedback for ongoing confidence building.

Practical Outcomes Guaranteed

  • More Confidence.
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Self-Doubt.
  • Imposter Syndrome Resilience.
  • Authentic Leadership Communication.

Elevate your executive communication skills by focusing on confidence-building habits, overcoming anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Choose the program that suits your schedule and embark on a transformative confidence journey today.


Contact us on the details below and one of our professional coaches will talk through your requirements and next steps.


Coaching the CEO in Elevating Public Speaking Confidence and Brand Representation.

The Challenge

Jamie Lawson, CEO of Ossett Brewery, faced a significant hurdle in public speaking confidence and effectively representing the brewery’s brand. As the leader of a successful business, Jamie needed to convey a strong and confident image at launch events and opening ceremonies. However, prior to coaching, he struggled with public speaking, hindering his ability to do justice to the brand and impacting the brewery’s public image.

Coaching Objectives

The coaching intervention aimed to enhance Jamie’s public speaking skills, instill confidence, and refine his ability to represent the Ossett Brewery brand with authenticity and impact. The focus was on equipping Jamie with the necessary tools to deliver compelling speeches at launch events and opening ceremonies, fostering a positive perception of both the brand and his personal leadership style.


Through a tailored coaching program, spanning a period of focused engagement, Jamie experienced a transformative shift in his public speaking abilities. The coaching process addressed specific areas such as vocal presence, body language, and storytelling techniques, ensuring that Jamie could captivate and engage audiences effectively.

As a result of the coaching journey, Jamie not only gained confidence in public speaking but also excelled at representing the Ossett Brewery brand. His newfound skills and enhanced leadership brand significantly contributed to the success of launch events and opening ceremonies. The positive impact resonated not only in the business’s overall success but also in the reinforcement of Jamie’s personal leadership brand. His ability to speak confidently and do justice to the brand became a driving force in the brewery’s success, creating a positive ripple effect in both business and leadership endeavors.

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