2 Laws Every Business Speaker MUST learn from Gary V. & Tony Robbins

2 Laws Every Professional and Business Speaker MUST learn from Gary V. & Tony Robbins

For the last two weeks my social media traffic has been filled with non-stop talk about the big name American Speakers; Tony Robbins, Gary V and Ryan Deiss. I would argue rightfully so! These guys tear up the speaker industry and as a speaking rebel I love anyone with the courage to do that.

However a number of my clients have been asking the killer questions, how do they create such pull? How can they make so much impact to charge six figure speaking fees? What is it that they have that other speakers don’t? Why do people flock to such events and are willing to invest heavily financially, time wise and of course emotionally? What’s the secret?

These questions peaked my interest and I have been busy dissecting those aforementioned heavy-weights to share what gives big brand speakers the magic pull and impact -mere mortals can only dream of.

As a speaker expert, I am uniquely positioned to comment as I am not solely just a speaker, nor just an exec coach or analyst but a combination and what I derive here I can assure is tangible. We apply it in our own key note speaking but more importantly to those we have trained and coached successfully over the years. The formula works!

What are the 2 Laws

All three speakers have a number of common traits but the two I share here are highly effective, can be learned quickly and will get you results fast.

PART 1: Speak with extreme focus on YOUR AUDIENCES’ DESIRED RESULT

Of course they should I hear you say. However reflect deeper. When Gary V or Tony R are on stage and in flow, they are ultra-specific – never ever vague. In doing so they get to the nub of the issues being discussed – they create the ‘ahaa’ moment really well – present information that solves the big problem. When done well the process itself creates the feeling and perception of the ‘magic pill’ or ‘silver bullet’ and that feels good!!!

Les BrownLes Brown says “You’re either in a problem, coming out of one or heading toward one!!” and what all these guys have in common is they speak about that ONE solution that can provide a definitive change and fast. The more angles they shed on that one solution the more we nod, the more we get them and the more WE LOVE THEM!!

People love familiarity; everyone wants to be able to ‘get-it’ …not dissimilar to the feeling of getting a joke when you go to a comedy show. No one wants to be on the outer circle….in fact its why we pay extra to sit near the front…think inner circle pricing…

Why this process works so well is that it appeals to our human need for immediate gratification. I call this McDonald’s effect! I am not saying these guys provide fast food in terms of nutrition that’s another article or book even, what I say is their soundbites appeal to our immediate needs as entrepreneurs they answer the questions we have at pace and it’s that fast fire solution that we all love and lap up!


Lots of new speakers make the error of simply sharing information. I always advise my exec clients don’t share information alone – make it emotive so it has currency. The speaking giants go further. When they share information they alter the mindset and state of the audience. It’s the pre-frame required to either take action with them or in your business and I have seen Tony and Gary do this brilliantly.

When that solution is presented we move from our present in to the future. The choice of words, gestures, tone and most importantly the internal state of the speaker must move – ie: lead the audience show them what to feel. When you speak you lead both in terms of what the audience should be thinking but also feeling. The take away from this is about your own state – master the ability to change state and you can start the process of becoming a transformational speaker.

There is so much much more I would love to share but I am out of time and was meant to be somewhere an hour ago! The important thing to understand is that speaking greatness takes effort, sacrifice and dedication. These giants have earned that right because of their strategies but also herculean levels of resilience.

If you believe you have a message in you that you were born to share then make that start today – it’s never too late! It’s your ability to graft that will separate you from the wannabes – so head up and SPEAK!

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