You may have the fanciest charts and diagrams in the world but without an effective structure, a presentation will lack impact.

This article will act as a guide on how to structure your presentation for your target audience.

Dealing with the presentation structure can be difficult given the challenge of too much information, which can lead to confusion and even death by Powerpoint!

So, here we have brought some important tips which will let you design your presentation to enhance the experience for you and your audience

Use a presentation outline

Using a presentation outline or map will help aid the clarity of a message and is best used at the start of your presentation. One approach is to make an outline slide.

This provides a brief explanation of what is included in this presentation and the topics will be covered. Ultimately, it lets your audience what to expect and how all of the pieces of content fit together.

A well-prepared outline can guide both audience and presenter, whilst whetting the appetite and increasing engagement and understanding of the presentation.

Get Your Images Right

One picture is worth a thousand words. But a bad one is not worth anything! There are many expert opinions when it comes to visuals however the common thread is if they are aligned with your message they remain one of the most effective ways to enhance engagement when giving a presentation.

Scientific research proves using an image is a powerful tool in capturing an audience and generating focus.  To ensure your choice aligns with your message test the response in the audience.

Ask for feedback, ask what impact your image has and don’t be afraid of continuing to test until you have the perfect fit!

Tell stories

For people who have performed research on presentation skills and the science of communication, it is very important to both narrate but embody your story.

Using professional storytelling in your presentation is a great way of creating emotional buy-in. People learn through association and providing a character, a challenge, a plot, conversation and a conclusion that lends itself to your presentation’s purpose will offer clarity for your audience.

From a story construction point of view, note down major features, the characters, events, and interactions that will help you describe it in a way people can relate to.

Prepare your points thoroughly

Preparing your points is an essential presentation methodology in order to offer your audience clarity

The formula we recommend for point prep is PEEL (Point, Explain, Evidence, and Link) method a guaranteed way to achieve audience engagement.

By ending with an example we illustrate and deepen understanding of the actual point. Using the formula will also aid this flow and increase interest in your presentation.

Ask questions

Using questions as part of your audience will help frame your presentation and helps your audience maintain focus even with complex information

Furthermore, allowing questions from your audience during your presentation can also increase engagement and interest. Thus questions can serve different purposes but cumulatively create an effective feedback loop increasing the impact of your presentation.

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