Public Speaking Training, the right approach

You’ve been there right? A day out from the office on a training course sounds great. But you get there to find a guy jabbering at you all day long, Powerpoint slide after Powerpoint slide, seemingly aiming to bore you to tears before you finally get to do something different – interactive even.. fill in the feedback form…

It can be different. It should be different.

We just don’t learn like that.

So How Do We Learn?

‘I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand’

A classic Confucius quote, from over 2400 years ago. So someone figure that out 2 millennia ago, yet we’re still experiencing the same training model – watch me jabber on, and you make some notes. Sit back, relax, have a little sleep if you wish.

3 Presentation Skills You Can Use Right Now

A great presenter can bring a subject alive, and addressing an audience is a great communication channel. Heck, that’s what we teach! And there are many simple tricks to engaging an audience, keeping them on their toes and ensuring they feel part of the presentation. Here’s a few you can try right away…

  1. Ask your audience questions – this confirms understanding, ensures they are listening, and keeps them interacting.
  2. Use props – describe and demonstrate with metaphors and memorable objects.
  3. Present from a point of passion – if you show passion for your subject, it’s infectious, your audience will feel it too. That may not always be easy – try to associate whatever you are presenting, with something that you have an emotional connection or passion for.

But great communication only comes with practice, and lots of it.

The Right Approach to Public Speaking Training

For many, the prospect of practicing Public Speaking is a hurdle in itself – fear of public speaking is very real for the majority of the population. But with the right training environment, the right support, and the right teaching, your experience can be very different.

The Public Speaking Academy approach to public speaking training is focused on you as the learner. As experienced trainers we build the right environment, we ensure that you climb the ladder by starting small, doing a lot of fast paced exercises, and pushing you at the right stage – when you’re in the right frame of mind.

We believe this – delegate focused experiential learning – is the key to real progress in coaching and training. And we see real change in our delegates – even in just a single day.

Our delegates certainly feel it too, as is testified in the many positive testimonials that the PSA receive (these are people who had a real fear of public speaking, who are then confidently presenting to video by the end of our 1 Day Intensive Fear of Public Speaking Course).

You Can Become a Confident Public Speaker

Communication training can, and should, be different. It should be focused on you as the learner. Building up your confidence and techniques, just like learning a musical instrument, a sport or foreign language – emersion is key. If done right. And that’s our unique approach.

If you’re looking to improve your public speaking skills, need to present with impact and style, or get over that fear and start speaking confidently, get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. We’ll talk through your needs and plan the right approach for you, or your team.

Let’s start your speaking journey! It’s an empowering road to be on.

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