How much is private 1-1 Speaker Coaching?

I guess the first thought on your mind is….

What is the price of our 1-1 Public Speaking Coaching?

The short and honest answer is that our Coaching ranges in price from £795 to £35k! But before answering why such a wide price range, we must understand the diversity of both needs and skills required when it comes to Executive Speaker Coaching.  

The first principle to understand is that not all speaker coaching requirements are the same.

Client needs can vary significantly from an interview candidate wanting to practice their group presentation, to a political leader wanting to make history or a businessperson wanting to generate £100K from a conference/business presentation.

All these candidates require some form of presentation training but often with significant differences in terms of skill level, intensity, and impact. The level of expertise and input required from a Speaker Coach can vary significantly– meaning the need for extremely different approaches, different delivery tools, speaking mindset methods, and of course duration of learning.

Here we share some insights into the needs, processes, and skills required to ultimately get you the results you need, whether that is embarking on a short sharp discovery programme through to a 3-Year World Leading -Professional Speaking MBA.

Your Speaking Needs Are Unique  

Just as every audience varies in terms of etiquette and expectations, so does the presenter’s situation, the message, the purpose, expectation, experience of the speaker.

The context, therefore, is multifaceted and will shape your unique learning needs too. Therefore, genuinely understanding your presentation landscape will determine the exact goal map and roadmap to get you the results you require.

Lack of Speaking Confidence is More Common Than You Think

Mahatma Gandhi
One of the most adored leaders in the modern world was terrified of public speaking.

For many career execs, self-doubt, presenting anxiety/fear, and speaking challenges are in fact habitual and a lot more common a barrier than you may think.

Such confidence damaging and career-limiting habits require years or even decades of negative reinforcement to become serious issues. However sadly, this is the reality for most new leaders who take on posts without the speaking capability expected and then adopt a fear of public speaking as part of their behaviour or even identity.

Logically these embedded habits will take an equal amount of time to undo and replace with positive confidence-enhancing presentation methods. The good news is that this process can be accelerated with the right interventions and the right coaching.  

Developing Good Speaking Habits Require Practice (the right practice)

A popular question we get asked is “Can I overcome my speaking anxiety in a few sessions! Logic suggests that shifting an old habit takes the same time to undo as it did to form. The good news is that this can be accelerated dramatically through tailored coaching.

By approaching learning needs using results-based speaking methods, in the right order, accelerated change and confident presenting becomes much more possible.

The type of coaching we recommend for you will depend firstly on your specific aims, coaching time, your focus, your commitment, budgets, the coach you work with, and your ability to take on and action feedback. It will also depend on a plethora of less obvious elements.

Success factors such as how agile a mindset you have, your current levels of energy, your self-confidence (in other areas of life) your learning experiences to date, what you base your self-image and self-identity on, and your ability to practice new approaches in other aspects of your life all shape the pace of your progress.

The final factor proven to shape your Speaking Improvement is how your coach provides the ‘right input and the right intensity’ to get you across the ‘line of confidence. We term this “Coaching with intelligence” which is borne out of results-based testing and experience, deep professional stage exposure, and agile methods of Coaching.

How our ‘Intelligent’ Coaching Model helps build your Speaking Confidence Fast

A bit like fitness training, everybody responds to stimuli differently. And to optimise your results you must have a range of factors uniquely stacked to enable the right changes to happen.

The Speaker Coaching process begins by specifically understanding what your situational requirements are, your experience, your current and aspired level of speaking skills, and understanding what style of coaching will optimise the results for you in the shortest time.

Meaning there is no one size fits all.

You may be highly experiential, requiring highly practical methods to both mirror and break down into mini-real life scenarios. Alternatively, you may be someone who learns through guided visualisation or unconscious movement patterning.

More likely than not you may be unaware of your learning approach when it comes to speaking challenges, which is where our coaching approach comes in.

During a discovery session, we test a range of foundation principles against your learning approach – which helps us diagnose the best course of action but also gift you with several key Presenting Confidence quick wins.

What Results Can You Expect?

At the top of the pyramid – our Professional Speaking MBA shows you how to build world-leading professional speaking expertise, how to shape your speaking career, generate over 6 figures of income in just one talk, and of course create your legacy.

We recognise that professional speaking as a business is not for everyone – however, the foundation level discovery programmes show you how to borrow some of the professional speaking skills to help you flourish in the workplace or place of business. Typically, the Discovery Foundation Programmes follow these major foundation principles:

FOUNDATION 1: The Confidence Formula – The Speaking Mindset

Understand the mechanics of Audience –and the impact it has on us as presenters. Learn to harness the nerves and turn them into a deeper Audience- Speaker connection. Harness real-time feedback signals to improve your connection but also get real feedback and discover you are doing better than you may have assumed.  

Build your own Speaking Mindset system to develop your speaking personality, enabling you to feel more at ease every time you are in a room full of people!

FOUNDATION 2: Prime Your Delivery Skills- Presenting Performance

Ensure you can use your body, voice, and gestures in alignment with your speaking mindset to build and show real confidence.

Connect with your audiences on a deeper level. Learn to get the results you want from your interactions. Use engagement signals that you can use in both meetings and presentations to keep people interested and energised in any presentation.

FOUNDATION 3: Message Mastery

Start building an interesting conversation, a gripping presentation, and the ability to keep going even when your mind goes blank.

Understand why some words, phrases, and structures will create excitement and energy whenever you present. Learn to use professional message architecture to and pitch your ideas in a way that leaves people curious and excited.

Through these foundation principles you will learn to:

  • Create a Speaking Mindset
  • Get Perspective on your Speaking Anxiety
  • Understand the Audience Mind
  • Breathe differently
  • Let go of Perfection
  • Understand the power of speaking vulnerability
  • Learn the secrets of speaking mindset
  • Use an interactive speaking style to prevent yourself from forgetting your words
  • Build connection to alleviate the feeling of isolation
  • Use Your Nervous energy to Project more
  • Shift fear into more Presence
  • Change your Pace
  • Start to learn to find your words
  • Start strong
  • Shift your body language to a place that generates confidence

To find out how a Speaker Coach can help you or your people simply get in touch with us: [email protected]

And we will happily recommend the best course of action to get you the best result.

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