5 Little-Known Ways to Guarantee you select the right In-House Training Provider

Choosing an external training provider for critical in-house training can understandably leave most conscientious L&D professionals feeling overwhelmed and slightly confused.  

Searching on Linked-In or Google will inevitably throw up lots of catchy slogans, promises, and “unique” offerings. How can you decipher? But how can you genuinely guarantee that the provider you select will deliver the goods? And get the right learning experience, a healthy return on time, return on investment as well as making you ideally look good for your recommendation! 

In this quick guide and in the classic Public Speaking Academy style we have provided 10 little-known approaches to help you make choices that get results.  In this quest, consider these ten proven tips, crafted with precision to not only serve as a roadmap but as a credible resource in your search for the right group training that will have all your delegates feeling full! In other words, getting results,  smiling, and thanking you for bringing them the learning opportunity. :

1. Beyond Objectives is Crystal-Clarity on what Success will Feel Like and Result in:  

Part of great learning is establishing clear objectives. Even your daily commute needs to have a route to reach your destination. So any training program requires precise goals. In our world of Presentation Skills and Public Speaking Training, we are often asked to is to provide a practical experience-led programme that will offer individuals with more speaking confidence. 

However taking this objective slightly further into the practical space of success, outcomes and emotion can create much more granular clarity. 

An effective training provider will be able to provide specific results you can expect. In our case, a high-quality leadership communication programme can be created specifically to ensure delegates look forward to delivering (x) number of presentations at work!  It is a tangible outcome with the emotion attached, demonstrating that the training provider doesn’t just understand the solution but also the barriers and challenges on route to that solution. An excellent indicator of results-driven, practical training. 

2. Tailored to Your Unique Requirement and Unique People:

Diverse requirements are rightfully becoming a central theme in great organisations.    Recognising that your requirement and team are diverse is part of building connections. It means we feel heard, valued, and respected. 

How well this personalisation factor is applied in your training should therefore be a key component of your decision criteria. Asking a prospective provider how they will tailor training will give you a strong indicator of how successful the training will be. At Public Speaking Academy by we take time to understand the unique skills and learning styles of your team and the specific components required to plan training that is customised to the exact aims to guarantee satisfaction. However, we go further, by providing agility in our training delivery. This means that dynamic requirements that arise on the training day are not just anticipated but skillfully adapted to exceed objectives. Real-time agenda adjustment guarantees that diverse learning is not just lip service but actioned.  

3. Engaging Content that Inspires Beyond the Set Aim 

We all know the type of mandatory training that is so dry that it makes the Sahra feel like the Amazon rainforest! Some training simply put – lacks personality! So choosing a training provider that values the ability to captivate and inspire like some of your favorite shows or movies is critical to ensure your delegates remain connected. 

At Public Speaking Academy we ensure we shift the learning format continuously from interactive sections to practical real-world exercises that ensure group Training is not only informative but also engaging. 

Our experience in training 1000s of professionals has allowed us to optimise our training approaches to the natural ebbs and flows of learning energy. We read the room to ensure people remain energised but equally have the balance to reflect and explore. It is this unique balance that creates practical transformation in our highly engaged delegates every time. 

4. Dynamic Learning that Nurtures for Continuous Growth. 

In the hyper-competitive learning landscape, the right training program will resemble social media feeds with constant updates. Combining proven and modern learning will ensure your team stays ahead of emerging trends and embraces continuous learning, contributing to their professional growth.

However, embracing new learning fully requires a holistic approach. At Public Speaking Academy a cornerstone of our approach is a nurturing and supportive learning environment. 

Speaker coaching and presentation mindset learning is not confined to training sessions; it’s a perpetual journey. Our ethos is about building not just a supportive environment with resources, mentorship, and opportunities for practice and feedback inside the training room. But to ensure this principle is built into your organisation longer term beyond the delivery of coaching which ensures both your team and culture evolve gradually.

5. Encouraging Collaborative Learning

An effective training course will harness the power of teamwork, encouraging team members to share knowledge and learn from each other. This collaborative approach, much like assembling a superhero team, ensures each team member contributes their unique skills for collective success.

During a Public Speaking Academy in-house programme, we ensure this principle is central to learning. Not only does this create a team dynamic, it means learning is three-dimensional. Delegates notice growth in others and can learn in real time and witness the power of our methods. This creates momentum and belief in the process. Central to deep mindset shifts in our world-class guaranteed success formula.

Hopefully, our 5-Step Guide is not just a useful guide to cross reference in your pursuit of in-house group training but facilitates the longer term results you need from your training.

Tailoring your approach with the right training provider, who understands your team’s dynamics, and continuously refining their offering means the investment in training becomes a cornerstone in your team’s development journey.

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