7 Steps To Confident Communication, from Customer Service Skills to Job Interviews

You can communicate with confidence. We all have the tools at our disposal. It just takes a little bit more effort for some of us to use those tools. With the right know-how and training behind you though, you could be communicating like a pro in no time at all.

The DNA of good customer service, a job interview, or any form of public speaking, is confident communication. The seven steps on this page will help to elevate those confidence levels, and you will be far more successful as a result.

Let’s imagine you walk into a shop. You have got your mind set on a new smartphone, but you have absolutely no idea which one to purchase. You go up to one of the sales team and ask their advice. They then spend the whole time focused on you, showing that they are confident in the product that they are selling. You would purchase, right? Well, now imagine if that person failed to make eye-contact, had a less than confident voice, and just failed to focus on you at all. This shows that they are not confident with what they are selling. If they are not confident, why should you be confident in buying it? This is why you need to learn how to communicate confidently. It helps make the sale.

I’m not saying need to become a sales person. But the truth is, selling and communication go hand in hand. We are always selling – our ideas, our abilities, our way of life.

It doesn’t matter what you are communicating. It could be the features of a smartphone, it could be a huge multi-million pound contract, or it could be you at a job interview. If you communicate effectively, you will be successful.

7 Steps To Confident Communication

  1. The first thing you are going to need to work on is that voice. You need to speak loud and clearly. Whispering or stuttering is just going to show that you are not confident in what you are selling. You will need to practise a lot. You can do this in front of the mirror or preferably with people you know as they can give you hints and tips on how to improve.
  2. Eye contact. It is vital. You do not want to be staring into somebody’s eyes constantly. That is creepy. Instead, make eye contact when you are trying to drive that point home. Be subtle. People will pick up on it.
  3. You need to be direct with what you say. Try to learn how to speak in short, snappy sentences. Don’t beat around the bush with your talking. Cut to the chase, otherwise you will look like you have absolutely no confidence. This means no saying ‘uhm’ between sentences. If you work hard enough, practise, you will be able to stop yourself and use a confident pause, before the ‘uhm’ even slips out of your mouth.
  4. Learn how to speak with a bit of inflection in your voice. This is again something which is going to take a while to work on, but it is the secret to a good delivery. Who wants to listen to a dry and monotone voice? That just shows that the person has absolutely no passion. Emphasising words to get across the true meaning of what you are trying to say is the secret to confidence and actually communicating effectively.
  5. Let’s veer away from the actual talking part with this step. Here you are going to need to work on your body language. Have control over your body. You don’t need to do drastic things with your arms. Just keep them hanging loose with your hands open. You will always want to stand up tall and proud. Being hunched is a sign of weakness. And, you really should not be crossing your arms at all. Don’t forget to face the person that you are talking (remember to maintain eye contact, as I mentioned in step two)
  6. Learn how to calm yourself down. One of the main reasons as to why people have difficulty communicating confidently is because they become easily overwhelmed. If you constantly find yourself nervous and stuttering, you should practise a few relaxation techniques. Quite often, just some light breathing exercises is all it will take for even the most nervous of people to relax.
  7. Finally, don’t go on the defensive when you are talking to somebody. You do not want to come across as though you are ‘attacking’ them. Take control of the situation by all means. Using words such as ‘in my opinion…’ is perfect. Telling people they are flat-out wrong is not. Aggression is not a form of confidence. It is just arrogant.

At the root of all communication is confidence, and the pinnacle of confidence is Public Speaking, particularly impromptu speaking – the ability to think on your feet, and deliver confidently and coherently.  This skills can be learned, and the Public Speaking Academy specialise in successfully creating amazing communicators that can deliver powerfully without planning or notes.  A life changing skill.  Check out our upcoming courses and jump in to an environment that just might change your life…

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