Are You Born a Natural Speaker

Are You Born A Natural Speaker? 

Ever witnessed a successful keynote speaker work the stage and think they must be a ‘Natural’? However, looking deeper – what does that term really mean for them and more importantly what does it mean for you.

When you describe a Confident Speaker words such as inspirational, gifted, talented seem to be shared but is that really true. Does this account for the thousands of hours of training, coaching and preparation? Is skill something people are just born with?  What assumptions are being made and why?  

Before we reveal the truth on whether there is such a thing as a natural speaker, its important to take a step back.

Speaker Coaching

Whilst we know that speaking in public without any coaching for the majority of us is difficult. Most will communicate in daily work and business routines one to one. Refining, learning and honing the complex art of communication regularly.

However, when we are needing to face a new audience, a bigger and one full of strangers, the rules are different. We are naturally daunted. So, the next question is

What makes public speaking difficult for YOU?

You may answer that questions with “I lack confidence”, “I have nothing exciting to say”, “I have never done this before”, “I am just not a natural speaker” Sound familiar? For many of us, one of the huge barriers to becoming a world class speaker is what we believe to be true about ourselves and others. A belief that we are not on an identity level – actual Speakers, whilst the ones who do it well – must be!

We in fact let our own worry, self-doubt and focus control our actions and consequently our experiences reflect this self-image. A debilitating cycle that seeks to explain the action-orientation of others by terming them natural speakers and the rest of us ‘naturally terrified!”  

Fear of Public Speaking

When you reflect on this, you will realise that when you have these fears, you are only focusing on one thing. Yourself. Whilst you sit there panicking about everything from what you’re going to say to what to do with your hands; you forget the main point of the talk: the audience. 

Can Coaching Help

The good news is that the answer we find again and again is YES! When you can accept that Speaking is a Skill. You can then start to develop a more aligned purpose with a speaking plan.

If you shift the focus from yourself to the audience, you will find that you naturally become more relaxed, confident and clear in your message. The audience is interested in themselves so focussing on them will engage them right from the start. 

It is important to recognise that the audience is just a group of like-minded people who have come to listen to you. They are interested in what you are saying as long as it has something to do with them. 

Having a positive and outward attitude towards the audience is a tool. Effective speaking is a relationship between the speaker and their audience. This relationship relies on building a connection to the audience through your message.  

The delivery the becomes a part of wider effort which requires the right practice. We coach clients to ensure you have a strong message that is clear and simple for your audience to understand. A presentation needs to allow for repeated opportunities for your ideas to be conveyed, conceived, discussed, and implemented!  

Delivering your message in a powerful way will ensure that it is memorable, and will make the audience want to connect with you both during, and after the talk – an investment worth discussing!  

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