BBC Radio 4 – Public Speaking Academy review Ed Miliband speech

Last month we were invited by BBC Radio 4 to evaluate Ed Miliband’s speech at the Labour Party Conference.

BBC Radio 4 asked The Public Speaking Academy to feedback on the approach Ed Millaband took in his key note address and discuss whether we should be aiming to speak without notes especially when tackling issues of substance.

Those of you who attend our Master Class and Intensive programmes will know that we ask all delegates to understand both style and substance through our unique process of games, technique and having fun.

So what did Ed do well?

Ed used the stage, pacing, sharing his story and opinion, when done well will add gravitas and purpose to your message. Had he been standing behind a barrier like a lectern or a table like so many politicians do he would be risking creating a visible split between speaker and the audience. As speakers we want to avoid any such barrier and encourage as much connection as possible.

What did he do less well?

Politicians spend a significant amount of time trying to ensure that material is covered but often do not master the delivery leading to audiences losing interest at best. We think Ed has an excellent personal story and that he has the potential to connect better. He could connect into this in a stronger way, be more bold and share his raw passion all of which will add to his authenticity. This remains a gap and something to work on if he wants to be amongst the best in the world.

What would you do differently?

3 things to do are:

  • Create an audience centered story. Ie: think what is in it for them not what is it I want to share – it makes your audience connect and stay tuned!
  • When we prepare politicians we ask them to reduce their scripts to key words that act as sign posts – unless it is critical lose it.
  • Speak from the heart. If you want to truly take people with you – speak from a place that is authentic, if it matters to you it will matter to others

Would you like to learn how it is done?

There are just a few weeks to go until our next Masterclass event in Sheffield on the 6th December.

This Master Class will give you the most important style and substance techniques you need to deliver a compelling pitch, presentation or speech, to win more business, boost your confidence and gain the respect your ideas deserve.

We will be sharing some of the most powerful techniques ou examples from Presidents, successful business speakers such as Steve Jobs and the communication techniques of Oscar-winning actors.

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Some of what will you gain and much much more:

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I look forward to working with you on 6th December!

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