A Secret Strategy from the World’s Leading Executive Public Speaking Coach

A bold claim. But having worked as a specialist Public Speaking Coach with executives and leaders across the world we have learned and honed what is massively sought after by our executive clientele.

From London to New York, Amman to Jakarta the  lessons around what creates true Public Speaking TRANSFORMATION for our clients is something that is constantly sought after. 

In the worlds of  corporate public speaking training and business presentation training these lessons are probably more sought after than the Dead Sea Scrolls! 

So what are these Public Speaking Strategies? What qualifies us to own them? How effective are they ? 

To begin I will emphasise that our prime focus has always been as the go to training space for Senior Executives, CEOs and Leaders who need to speak with great impact and acquire this skill in the LEAST amount of time.

Our most successful results provide us with the exact formulas senior leaders require to shift despite their high pressure timetables and conflicting priorities. It means they must build delivery competence at an accelerated rate. 

Leaders often have higher expectations of themselves and their coaching impact given many will have to face difficult often hostile audiences. 

These unique requirements have led to our top coaches testing numerous, creative and innovative approaches to build learning that normally takes decades into a system that achieves significant impact instantly and sustainable results within weeks! It has meant building interventions, learnings and concepts that will break old unhelpful and often fear-based habits almost instantly and replace with more compelling approaches that leave our clients more audience focussed, service orientated and operating beyond the suffocation of fear. 

Whilst these accelerated coaching methods are part of our unique blueprint, the spirit of this article is to provide some insight into why it works and why this bold claim rings true for hundreds of top-end players.  

To set the foundations for these principles it is important to recognise that on stage, in meeting rooms, during presentations in fact in many work based situations most of us are guilty of relying upon chance in order to succeed. Most of us allow chance to determine the outcome, and by leaving it up to chance- the probability of succeeding diminishes. 

The Secret to Successful Leadership Communication

Tony RobbinsOne of the key habits we coach our leaders in, is the ability to manage their internal state. This is about being able to influence our internal being, internal feelings and internal conversation – applicable to any situation. An essential tool to master so you’re not just controlled by your emotions but you are aware of your feelings and internal temperature. 

When individuals have this ability they can use it to move into that presentation mode, wear the presentation personality or state whenever faced with a challenging situation. 

Imagine having to go to a networking event, or when you have you give a presentation or when you have to talk in a meeting. How do you get confident enough to introduce yourself and your business effectively?

Using the state principle we teach you HOW to get into an animated/dynamic space, a state where you are able to get comfortable with being the bigger version of you. Here, we have given you one of the introductory strategies our leaders begin with to start their speaking journey. 


The first strategy is based on being able to have lots of positive internal and external  conversations before the event or the presentation.

It means engaging with strangers and small talk, taking control of your internal chatter simultaneously. It means saying “Hi How are you? :)” to strangers, telling yourself something good about you “I look good today!!!” ……it means being able to connect more and  help encourage the production of positive affirmations and in turn inflate your self image prior to presenting. 

By having lots of touch points in the audience or the group, you are automatically changing your state whilst building a pre-talk connection. This eases the tension when you speak for the first 20 seconds (the peak place for nerves).

For example, when you’ve been to a party and you arrive late, you will notice that everyone else is already in the excited party state, and when you arrive, you will probably feel that you are slightly deflated compared to everyone else. It will take you time to warm up. Similar to this, you will need to take some time to warm up before any presentation or meeting. 

Your ability to manage your emotional temperature before any presentation is key, as it means that you are putting the odds in your favour. When you do this, even when you are not feeling up to it, chances are you will be able to deliver well. This itself is an essential skill to master as it is likely that you’re not getting a second chance! 

The beauty of this method is it can start anywhere outside of the presentation theatre or meeting room. It can begin with small talk on your journey, the ticket man on the train, the barista, the event staff..it goes on.  

Having conversations and asking strangers about themselves will help you get into the right energetic/animated, selfless and service mindset. In turn helping you connect deeper and feel more confident whenever you present.  

Like all great methods it is a small but practical step that is part of a wider strategy that when you stack together can transform your presenting mindset and the thoughts and feelings of your audience. This method in conjunction with out leaders formula has helped our clients excel in front of large HR Boardrooms, Question Time TV Shows, Political Party Conferences and Business Events.

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