3 Reasons to Get Public Speaking Coaching


Billionaire tycoon Warren Buffet famously remarked; ‘improve your value by 50 percent by learning communication skills’. Buffett’s point is that mastering the art of public speaking is the single greatest skill to boost your career, business or even life!

You might be thinking, “That’s great, but I have a fear of public speaking.” That’s OK. Buffett was terrified too. However, he took action to shift fear into skill that would advance his business and ultimately change his fortune.

Buffet is like many other savvy leaders who take every speaking opportunity to grow leadership, influence and communication skills.

Here are 3 more compelling reasons to invest in tailor built public speaking coaching that guarantees you transformation in business or your chosen profession.

1) Leave the Competition Speechless!

Think of a business networking meeting or a typical corporate conference. Most will be terrified or significantly nervous at that thought of public speaking.

Being able to muddle through will put you ahead of most. However, build a professional speaking mindset and skill set and  puts you’re head and shoulders above the rest.

2) Be Known.

Being the voice of your sector, department, team, country means to the be seen and often heard. In other words the spokesperson.

It is the figureheads, willing to step up shine and speak that command the attention. If you are seen as a leader and heard as a leader you will be consequently rewarded with the associated opportunities/ Whether that is in terms of clients, sales or career opportunities.

Those who represent their business or career profile through professional public speaking are seen as the go to experts, the trusted ones and consequently provided with the lion’s share of credit and opportunity.

3) Think with Professional Clarity.  

Speaking in Public requires being able to organise thoughts so that your audience understands.

The process requires you to hone skills that focuses thoughts with clarity into inspiring messages. This skill doesn’t just help your audience but helps you! Clear thoughts lead to better outcomes, better leadership and better results.

The process of building professional public speaking skills enables you to champion your message in a way that helps others understand it and gain support for your ideas.

Whether it be through professional experience or your personal story  if a message is delivered professionally an audience will connect and more importantly be ready to take action on that message.


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