Love Thy Client

Why Return on Love is the next big thing….What happens at the advanced level that is different?

It’s about stripping technique right back to the very DNA – understanding the layers of behaviours – knowing who uses it and why the principles work. How to genuinely own the new concept, understand the pros and cons and feel confidence to start applying, to achieve your desired outcome whether it be more sales, more managerial control or simply enhancing your personal brand.

Are results immediate?

Yes and No… obviously to deliver exceptional results requires exceptional competence and that requires consistent practice. However becoming aware of professional techniques is a step ahead of most competitors furthermore applying the principles in a safe environment gives you a foundation on which to start building momentum. Everyone is different and some savvy members start to apply speaking laws immediately and get their results in days and weeks!

Can you share an example of what you cover or is too top secret!

It is top secret in all honesty as people have invested heavily (– time, money and energy) to be on this programme however here’s a light touch insight…

The last advanced group was all about the art of pitching and we broke down 1 step of detailed blueprint.

Speaking to audiences, pitching to clients and management or sales conversations all require the speaking professional to feel a level of connection with their potential client.

We know that rapport is built through sharing common ground but connection absolutely explodes when you genuinely like your client first.

Think about people in your life whom you have a natural bond with, or people you have joint ventured with, or that you decide that they would be on your invite list for a special event – these sort of people we normally term – people we just “clicked” with.

They get us and we get them. SO it becomes a no brainer to say we tend to do business or work with people we naturally “Get” – the problem is that most of us do not fully understand that our prospects, audience members or colleagues in reality will be highly diverse. Therefore the ‘click-factor’ becomes an essential building block to create.

Now – imagine you are able to influence how well you click with your client? Imagine what that does for your sales figures? I can categorically state it will quadruple your success rate as it has done for the Academy, my partners and 1000+ clients who have come through the Academy process.

So How Do We Do It?

I cannot do this topic justice here for numerous reasons – most importantly you would need to purchase my book (which is coming soon…) to understand this fully and have the time to read it!

However here are some insights for you to reflect and possibly apply:

1. See the problems /challenges through your client’s eyes BUT also feel their EMOTION

This is not just a fact find – I call it the emotion review – where you understand what the client sees but also feels.

I was recently speaking to a large corporate about media training. He had paid a significant fee and wanted a “call” to discuss. Within the first two minutes of our conversation I understood that he needed reassurance, he was anxious and needed confirmation that his colleagues were going to walk away feeling great and learning lots – not a coma inducing lecture!

To connect I was able to reflect a story about how clients bounce off the walls when they train with us but end up picking up lots of techniques on the way – I gave him humour, logic and reflected back the emotion he needed.

His answer was thanks Billal sounds great – no need to call the staff list on what they need – you have got it!

2. See, feel then reflect the end RESULT and the EMOTION the client will feel

We often hear the saying “sell the benefits” – true but really we are selling the emotion people will feel when they reach the end benefit. If that’s a new car – you must understand what the client will feel when they sit in their new car. The better you know your clients emotional states the better you can recreate the picture of the end game but also the emotion that follows it.

In doing so you are connecting deeply in a way a genuine friend does – think about a best friend who is truly happy when their mate gets promoted, gives birth or gets married – it’s possibly one of the most emotionally connected moments between people.

Which all sounds great? BUT how can you do this if you really don’t like your clients!

3. This is the million dollar question – but in fairness to our own clients we must hold this back, but suffice to say the answer lies in the title. Although the answer is simple – the method requires significant insight and professional application!

Happy Pitching

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