Master Your Pitch Using TV Advertising Methods

5 Proven Steps to Master Your Pitch from Advertising TV

Your product or service is brilliant. You have raving customers and fans. BUT do you share that brilliance when you introduce your business at a networking event?

For most it feels like creeping death!  You stand up, you introduce yourself.  Your knees wobble as does your voice. You mumble through it. People look uninterested. You sit down and think ‘What the hell did I just say!’

Sadly this is far too common an occurrence and one of the greatest FAILS for most business people.

So, what can you do?

What Advertising TV can teach you about your Pitch/Presentation

Although packed with sales jargon –advertorials work!  And we have extracted powerful lessons business people can benefit from.

To illustrate we analysed an ad promoting a blow-up bed! We haven’t transcribed it word for word, but extracted themes that you can apply to your pitch. We strongly recommend building your pitch with the help of experts who can provide feedback and ensure you impact your audience effectively.

Below we use the example of the blow-up bed advert and explain what happens step by step and reveal the method at play.

Step 1: Circumstance/ Problem

In the advert the voiceover narrates: “Unexpected guests? Where will they sleep? You want your guests to have a great night’s sleep”

The opening line is an example of a statement that unleashes demand. It does so by painting a situation and a problem. To compound the problem there is a relatable expectation attached. ie: ‘We want the best for our guests which means a great night’s sleep!’

This line effectively details the problem and set’s up the next step  (the introduction of the product)

Your Action: So, when it comes to your product focus on being:

a) Concise; Get to nub of the problem/issue fast

b) Compelling; Create desire, by pointing to the promise and the big benefit (every guest deserves a great night’s sleep)

Step 2: Product/Solution

So, the advert paints the problem and follows with a big-promise. In the example this is referring to helping guests staying over to a great nights sleep. It follows with

“So, now you can with (AIRx BED) allowing you to have a luxurious bedroom in ANY room”

The advert goes on to explain the patented technology behind the solution. ie: (AIRx uses a Unique air pillar system ensuring even and consistent support throughout the night)

This does two things:

It provides a logical explanation (HOW and WHY  the product will work) Creating connection between problem and solution.

The product is now powerfully positioned.

Your Action: So in your pitch focus on:

What is your unique method/product design/system /approach.

Can you give it an acronym? What logic can you share to evidence it’s appeal.

At Public Speaking Academy we have a 4E System

A system that creates fast transformation.

To explain the system we advise shifting the old habit of fear to a new habit of confidence

We say delegates to the Public Speaking Academy must:

  1. Experience the Change – How people learn fast

  2. Energise the Experience – Adding energy to learning = New habits Embed.

The other 2E’s are only available at our events as they are our USP!!!

Step 3: Feature – Benefit – Feature

By sharing the (Unique Selling Point) the pitch can now move to the benefits.

“Unique Air pillars means consistent air bed firmness, AIRx self-inflates in 3 mins and guarantees a great night’s sleep, guests wake up refreshed”

The statement starts to spiral between features and benefits building clarity and compulsion for anyone hosting guests.

Your Action: Develop a clear statement that links features to benefits.

Our Academy example: When you learn to structure your messages – you present your business with conviction and confidence increasing attention and sales.

Step 4 Risk Reversal/Reassure/Proof

During Step 4 the narration features testimonials via thoughts of what other’s said:

“Essential for peace of mind when guests stay over”,  “Really pleased at the feedback from my parents”

The testimonial/what others say is essential to create credibility. This can included into your own verbal pitch. You won’t always have clients in the room, but can have permission to quote them.

Our Example: A CEO delegate called our Presentation Skills Course  “The best investment his organisation has made ..ever!”

In the example of the advert they go further using a demonstration exercise ‘inflation test for the bed’ and a second test “200kg on the bed” -proving’ its quality.

The interesting point here is you are able to build credibility through:

  • Referencing quotes from previous customers
  • Have a live “demonstrable piece”
  • Have a bold standing challenge that ‘proves’ your point

Our example for Public Speaking Academy

  1.  We illustrate speaking anxiety reduction in 20 seconds LIVE with a volunteer
  2.  We guarantee every programme attendee will do a 2 min presentation without notes or their money back.

Both of which are proven methods to build credibility.

Step 5 Easy Call to Action    

Finally, in the case of the advert they add bonuses (email to ask us about this later) and invite viewers to purchase the product with a directed call to action to contact the call centre for purchase.

Of course some lessons from the world of TV adverts may not fully resonate –  which is fine, but everyone can glean some approaches that will fit your needs.

The important lesson to action is that pitching and presenting skills require regular refinement, by investing in this you do yourself and your business true justice.

Email: [email protected] for more information on effective Pitching, Professional Presenting, Effective Networking or  any other communication requirements.

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